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Hill Country Mission for Health is a medical ministry providing charitable primary healthcare for eligible low-income, uninsured adults residing in Kendall County and surrounding communities through strong non-governmental support.

About HCMH


The Hill Country Mission for Health is a charitable health care clinic that provides primary healthcare for eligible adults between 18 & 64 years of age, who are low-income, are uninsured or under-insured, and who reside in Kendall County communities. Read more

our services

Primary Care

HCMH provides acute care and management of chronic health problems for uninsured adults. Management of chronic health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high...

RX Assist

HCMH assists eligible patients who do not have coverage for their medication and have a financial need through its Pharmaceutical Assistance Program. This program…

Specialty Care

Eligible patients identified as high-risk are referred to specialists who may conduct more advanced diagnostic tests.

Risk Buster

The Risk Buster program aids in providing comprehensive care that not only treats, but focuses on prevention and…


Cultivar is an initiative lead by HCMH and is an extension of the Risk Buster healthy living program. Risk Buster focuses…