Primary Care


HCMH provides acute care and management of chronic health problems for uninsured adults. Management of chronic health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, and other conditions requires recurring follow-up to be treated and maintained successfully. Eligible patients may also receive assistance with x-rays, blood tests, and pap smears.



HCMH received its Class D Pharmacy License from the Texas State Board of Pharmacy in February 2022, giving the clinic the opportunity to provide its patients with immediate medicinal relief for some of the illnesses from which they suffer. The HCMH Pharmacy will alleviate a great portion of a patient’s burden by becoming a primary resource that allows the patients to receive some of their medication requirements at no cost to them. The Pharmacy is operated on-site and managed by a licensed pharmacist. The bulk of medications received by HCMH are donated by humanitarian organizations who collaborate with pharmaceutical companies and their charitable giving programs. Other medications necessary to the healthcare of patients of HCMH that are not donated will be purchased utilizing money received from funding partners whose grant programs align with those of HCMH.

RX Assist


HCMH assists eligible patients who do not have coverage for their medication and have a financial need through its Pharmaceutical Assistance Program. This program relies on donor and sponsor support to assist patients with low cost or at no-cost medication.

Specialty Care

Eligible patients identified as high-risk are referred to specialists who may conduct more advanced diagnostic tests. These advanced diagnostic tests are specialty referrals for mammograms, orthopedic, ophthalmology, pulmonology, podiatry, and specific diagnostic gastrointestinal screening.

Cultivar Garden


Cultivar is an initiative lead by HCMH and is an extension of the Risk Buster healthy living program. Risk Buster focuses on prevention and improvement of client health, whereas Cultivar focuses on education and making good food choices. Cultivar teaches clients how to grow and prepare foods that are grown organically in the garden. Cultivar is designed to reach across socioeconomic and age barriers to help both young and old experience the enjoyment of organic gardening. Produce from the garden will be distributed to clients of Hill Country Mission for Health and will supplement monthly food distribution at Hill Country Family Services. If you are interested in participating in this community initiative, please call Hill Country Mission for Health at 830-249-0130 for more information.

Risk Buster Program


The Risk Buster program aids in providing comprehensive care that not only treats, but focuses on prevention and improvement of client health. This program educates patients on the importance of a healthy diet and exercise to combat their risk of chronic disease such as diabetes and heart disease. HCMH providers require participation in the Risk Buster program for any patient battling or at risk for developing chronic disease due to their high cholesterol, blood sugar, weight, or unhealthy behaviors such as smoking. HCMH staff believes that providing education and the support to encourage subsequent action can powerfully impact the health and well-being of our patients.